NBA All Star Chris Bosch Facing a Tough Choice about Xarelto Blood Thinner Use



If you watch any TV at all you’ve probably seen the Xarelto Blood Thinner commercials that seem to be on hourly, featuring comedian Kevin Nealon and sports stars Arnold Palmer, Brian Vickers, and Chris Bosh.

One of the stars of that ad, Chris Bosh, is now facing a tough choice regarding his career and his use of Xarelto to help him stop blood clots from forming. As the Miami Heat star was sidelined for the second year in a row after his DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) returned and he had to go back on the blood thinner drug Xarelto that he has endorsed publicly for years now.

The trouble with taking Xarelto, aside from the potential for internal bleeding, strokes, or brain bleeds as has been claimed in a number of Xarelto Lawsuits, is the potential for uncontrolled, irreversible bleeding if an injury occurs. As professional basketball can be a rough sport with high probability for injury, this leaves the Xarelto spokesperson and Miami Heat Forward facing a tough choice:

He can stop taking the Xarelto blood thinner drug and continue to play professional basketball, where he is an all star and earns just over $22 Million a year. But by doing this, he risks his DVT blood clots coming back and possibly moving to his heart, which can be fatal.

Or he can continue on the Xarelto blood thinner and either opt to quit playing ball altogether, or depending on if he can get clearance from the doctors, take the risk of playing while on Xarelto. This would mean that, according to a Florida based doctor, “An elbow to the head, a fall on the floor, etc.” could mean Bosh potentially bleeding uncontrollably.

The potential alternative would be to use another blood thinner like Warfarin (Coumadin), but that seems like a bit of hypocrisy, given the money Bayer has paid Bosh for his endorsement. Quite the dilemma.